Yim Lai Cheng

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影視藝人     鄭艷麗
03:12 26-04-2018 陈春光
郑艳丽 (Constance Cheng Yim Lai,1972年7月6日-)是法、越混血儿,1988年参加香港TVB举办的“银河新星”比赛获得女主角组冠...
Julia Cheng talks about China's art scene
01:58 10-10-2017 CGTN America
CGTN's Elaine Reyes spoke to dance artist Julia Cheng about growing arts and creative scene in China. She also gives a taste of her work, performing the Orlando...
Legend of Wing Chun
16:10 06-11-2012 JADE XU
The Legend of Wing Chun (Tv Series) Starring: Yuen Biao, Cheng Pei Pei, Jade Xu Director: Lai Shuiqing Action Director: Adam Chan 电视剧咏春传奇: 导...
Michelle Yim stays smokin' hot at 57
07:51 14-10-2013 SPH Razor
The svelte Hong Kong actress has been in showbiz for close to thirty years, but photos which she posted online of herself in her swimsuit last month had netizen...
吳若希 Jinny - 越難越愛 (TVB劇集"使徒行者"片尾曲) (Official MV)
16:00 09-09-2014 星夢娛樂 The Voice Entertainment Group
Audio available on: iTunes: http://apple.co/1PJRNJt Apple Music: http://apple.co/1V1h7wY KKBOX: http://kkbox.fm/JA00Eb Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2rI450Q MOOV: ht...
Cantonese classic song duet 汪明荃 鄭少秋
05:32 03-01-2008 ppplll000999
One of the best Cantonese classics, in my opinion, by Adam Cheng ( 鄭少秋 ) & Liza Wang ( 汪明荃 ). They are perfect couple in this duet ..See if you ...
王菀之 Ivana Wong - 如果這是情 Official MV [晴歌集] - 官方完整版 [HD]
04:39 04-06-2013 東亞唱片 Official Channel
請即到以下音樂平台收聽及下載: EOLAsia: http://t.cn/S7yWN9 iTunes: http://t.cn/zH5jnzD KKBOX: http://t.cn/zYNVM7p MOOV: http://t.cn/zTas5Wz MusicOn...
[MV] Yinglee: Your Heart For My Number (Kau Jai Tur Lak Bur Toh) (EN sub)
Download on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/album/kha-khaw-saw-la-sing/id581152975
當年情 (Dong Nin Ching) - Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing (張國榮)
07:12 23-03-2010 EmperorTam
Title (Trad. Chinese): 當年情 Title (Yale): Dong Nin Ching Year: 1986 Artist: Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing (張國榮) Album: 張國榮 Language: Cantonese Them...
吳若希 - 越難越愛 (TVB劇集"使徒行者"片尾曲) (Official Audio)
16:00 24-08-2014 星夢娛樂 The Voice Entertainment Group
曲: 徐洛鏘 詞: 張美賢 編: Johnny Yim 監: Johnny Yim/韋景雲 世界上哪裡去找熱望熱似火 不褪落 我對你心跳的感覺 高低跌盪 ...