Trevante Rhodes Talks The True Story Of 12 Strong With Miss Conversation Piece

Trevante Rhodes Talks the True Story of "12 Strong" With Miss Conversation Piece
06:40 10-01-2018 Conversation Piece
Miss Conversation Piece spoke with Trevante Rhodes (“Moonlight”), who is playing the one of the “12 Strong” from the U.S. Special Forces team. He addres...
'12 Strong' Trevonte Rhodes Shares Lessons Learned As An Actor
18:15 19-01-2018 VIBE Magazine
Trevante Rhodes interview featurette 12 Strong
14:02 29-01-2018 The Upcoming
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12 Strong the Declassified story of the Horse Soldiers
20:09 23-10-2017 Kings Heir
12 Strong: Trevante Rhodes mimics Chris Hemsworth
15:39 24-01-2018 ODE
We talk to Trevante Rhodes about his new film '12 Strong', and who would have his back in a fight and on becoming a superhero. Report by Nadia Gyane. Test
12 Strong
18:10 08-01-2018 ABC Action News
We talk with 2 of the American Hero's from the movie 12 Strong.
Trevante Rhodes (2018) How An Athlete Can Become An Actor (just like that ...)
02:42 19-01-2018 Kjersti Flaa
"Moonlight" and "12 Strong" actor and athlete Trevante Rhodes talks about what acting and being an athlete has in common - and what it's li...
12 Strong Movie Clip This Ain't No Drill
00:02 05-01-2018 Movie Roar
Warner Bros.
A follow up to my "Men vs Strong Black women & This is the Black woman videos...
03:53 08-02-2018 Nick Taylor
You'll see the tweet in in the vid but I did block out her twitter address and name so I don't get any "heat" for doing so. The tweet is untouched, s...
Clip# 2 of HOTT, CHOCOLATE, SEXXY MAN on "If Loving You Is Wrong" (Part 1)!
14:42 06-05-2016 MsKhandiGurl
I just HAD to share this short clip is from 1 of the Episodes from Season 2 of "If Loving You Is Wrong"... & if it is, then in this case, I DON'T ...