Wedding Series | Pre Engagement Cinipaan Family Meeting & How To Make DIY Thaals / Taals | VLOG
21:07 17-03-2018 Anyeka Jamal
This is part of my wedding series vlog leading up to the actual cinipaan day (+nikkah), where the grooms side come over for the second time ever! & we make ...
प्रचलित एवं अप्रचलित तालों के परिचय व लयकारियाँ | Demonstration of Various Taals by #MasterNishad
10:47 15-12-2018 Sangeet Pravah World
In this video, Master Nishad is explaining various taal with different speed variations. Name of A/C Holder – Nishad Sangeet Evam Natak Prashikshan Kendra S...
Ep8: Concept of Rhythm (taal and laya) in Hindustani Classical Music
16:01 02-05-2015 Anuja Kamat
These episodes aim at introducing the viewer to the aesthetics of Indian Classical Music so as to make the genre more approachable to the common public. Inform...
Taals: Wedding & Mendhi platters
21:49 25-10-2015 TheSistersHut
These are a collection of platters (taals) we have made for wedding and mendhi ceremonies! They come in various beautiful designs. If you would like to view t...
How to sing with Taal Lesson 1
15:34 26-04-2017 Indian Music ART
Learn how to sing with Taal Lesson 1 (Rhythm tutorial) Dha dhin dhin dha dha dhin dhin dha Naa tin tin na tete dhin dhin dha Learn how to sing with t...
Wedding Series | Pre-Engagement Cinipaan Family Meet & How To Make DIY Thaals / Taals ideas | VLOG
12:04 14-04-2018 Anyeka Jamal
Get some great thaal ideas! Some of the thaals we made include the 'horse and carriage', pineapple with grapes and many more! Maybe you guys can get some mehndi...
Mehendi taals / mehndi thaals
15:34 17-04-2017 Tahina Ali
Mehendi food ideas
All Taals of Tabla
09:25 10-02-2018 Ninu's CHANNEL
Different types of taals of tabla !!!!!
05:46 28-02-2019 sanjam singh
please ignor spelling mistakes It is problem of autocorrect in computer talls are 1- keherwa 2- dadra 3- dhere dhere kittak taa...
Tabla Lesson  # 68 Teen Taal Theka Tips
04:12 25-06-2015 Tej Singh
Teen Taal Theka Tips