Kanda Bongo Man Kwasa Kwasa Mania Liza Original Video

Kanda Bongo Man: Kwasa Kwasa Mania in Nairobi, Kenya.
10:59 21-05-2010 DEEZSTUDIOS
The King of Kwasa Kwasa does what he knows best, entertain people. And the Crowd is hypnotized. Classic African grooves.
Kanda Bongo Man - Muchana  (Live At the Emperors)
16:24 25-12-2017 FromTheSoil(Official Channel)
2017 W. Baloyi Music Productions under exclusive license to Next Music World-wide digital distribution by The Orchard. Get Kanda Bongo Man - Live At the Emper...
Kanda Bongo Man ~ Liza, Monie, & Interview ~ 1991 Live (Studio) (Official African Video)
09:28 21-09-2013 Brotherwhitelion
Soukous Music from Central Africa, Congo - Zaire. Soukous means literally 'to shake'. Liza is from Kanda's 1989 album Kwassa Kwassa. Kwassa Kwassa is the name o...
Kanda Bongo Man - Liza
00:09 11-11-2014 Pechichón en Concierto
Kanda Bongo Man / Escuchar Éxitos Aquí: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqGEoyFLkFY&list=PLNBATZ-W759xDh7HpyhXjXYjIDo9bvF5g
23:59 11-09-2010 hombredeciencia
Kanda Bongo Man interpretando uno de sus èxitos, Sai, en vivo.
Congo   Kanda Bongo Man  Live II
04:21 15-02-2012 Prosmartstudio
Kanda Bongo Man Le Rendez Vous Des Stades 1992 VHS
05:49 06-10-2016 Ingénieur Archives Congolaises
Kanda Bongo Man Le Rendez Vous Des Stades 1992 VHS
"Liza" By Kanda Bongo Man, Super Video.
08:35 28-11-2015 Chokciti Records Org
SET ON FIRE & FUELED BY MODEL CARAMEL CANDY ! Kanda Bongo Man, born 1955 in Inongo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a prominent soukous musician...