Gigi Hadid Shares 5 Things You Didn T Know About Her The Last Five Harper S Bazaar

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Gigi Hadid Shares 5 Things You Didn't Know About Her | The Last Five | Harper's BAZAAR
18:56 11-04-2018 Harper's BAZAAR
Is it just us, or do you want to be BFFs with Gigi Hadid? 😍 Here, we went behind the scenes of her May cover shoot to play 'The Last 5'—and you'll love all...
Selena Gomez Shares 5 Things You Never Knew About Her | The Last Five | Harper's BAZAAR
20:21 07-02-2018 Harper's BAZAAR
From the last time she felt sexiest to her last meal on earth, we played 'The Last 5' with Selena Gomez on the set of her March cover shoot. Plus, read her fu...
Kendall Jenner Shares 5 Things You Never Knew About Her | The Last Five | Harpers BAZAAR
19:25 11-01-2018 Harper's BAZAAR
Kendall Jenner's last meal on Earth sounds delicious 😋 Here, the supermodel walks us through The Last Five, where she reveals everything from the last thin...
Jenna Dewan Shares 5 Things You Never Knew About Her | The Last Five | Harper's BAZAAR
20:23 11-06-2018 Harper's BAZAAR
Here Jenna Dewan plays 'The Last 5' with—and her last meal on earth sounds delicious 😍🙌 Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar:
Gigi Hadid FIRES BACK at Trolls Telling Her She's Too Skinny
18:15 18-10-2018 Clevver News
More Celebrity News ►► Gigi Hadid addresses her body shamers in a new interview by Vogue. Get it girl. Whaaaaat’s up, friend...
Blake Lively Interviews Gigi Hadid On Being Photoshopped & Body Image Struggles
20:23 11-04-2018 Clevver News
Thank you to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for sponsoring this episode #justdrive If you’re texting,...
Yolanda Hadid On Raising Gigi, Bella & Anwar | Harper's BAZAAR
19:29 12-01-2018 Harper's BAZAAR
Yolanda Hadid has managed to turn not one, not two, but all three of her children into successful models. As her new show 'Making a Model' hits Lifetime, she le...
Gigi Hadid’s Parents Honor Their Strong Daughter | Glamour Woman of the Year 2017
00:01 14-11-2017 Glamour
See never-before-released pictures of supermodel Gigi Hadid as a child. Gigi Hadid hasn’t just taken off—she’s taken over. At only 22, she’s racked u...
Gigi Hadid WISHES She Had Her Old Body Back!
18:40 11-04-2018 Hollyscoop
I guess even supermodel Gigi hadid can feel insecure at times. During the Harpers 2018 May issue Gigi hadid opens up about her anxieties and talks about how she...
Everything Caroline Vreeland Eats In A Day: Miami Edition | Food Diaries | Harper's BAZAAR
19:00 18-04-2018 Harper's BAZAAR
Caroline Vreeland is a musician, actress and model taking the internet by storm. Here, we follow her around Miami and explore some of her favorite local spots f...