Dnr Conservation Officer Training Academy The Ice Bath

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DNR Conservation Officer Training Academy: The Ice Bath
18:42 30-04-2014 MichiganDNR
During Week 15 of the DNR Conservation Officer Training Academy, recruits completed water safety training, including some time in an ice bath. "This traini...
The Ice Bath - Water Safety Training: Michigan Conservation Officer Recruit School (2017)
21:00 26-09-2017 MichiganDNR
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Submerged Vehicle Rescue Training - Week 17: Michigan Conservation Officer Recruit School 8 (2017)
16:52 16-11-2017 MichiganDNR
The rigorous Submerged Vehicle Escape and Rescue Training was the capstone of the academy’s water survival program. It’s one of the most nightmarish scenari...
Michigan DNR Conservation Officer Training Academy: MCOLES Physical Fitness Test
17:27 21-01-2014 MichiganDNR
Recruits at the DNR's Conservation Officer Training Academy must pass the MCOLES Physical Fitness Test, the same test required at the police academy.
Conservation Officer Academy - First Aid Training
16:42 06-05-2016 MichiganDNR
The Michigan Conservation Officer Training Academy goes through first aid training. Website - www.michigan.gov/dnr Facebook - www.facebook.com/michigandnr Twi...
Michigan DNR Conservation Officer Recruit School 8
13:27 24-12-2017 Nicholas Lake
Law enforcement, police Academy, Michigan DNR recruit School.
Becoming a Wildlife Officer
22:31 20-11-2014 ArkansasGameandFish
Ever wonder what it takes to be an Arkansas Game and Fish Commission wildlife officer? There's more to it than you might think.
DNR officer interview.
14:52 17-12-2012 Silverfurret
Done for HNHS
Stopped by DNR Warden Ice Fishing!! Pike and Bass
03:26 14-02-2017 Tristen Knuijt Wild Pursuits
Getting stopped by the DNR Warden, fishing for northern pike and largemouth bass.
Law Enforcement off the Pavement
18:07 12-05-2017 GA DNR Law Enforcement Division