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Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer
13:00 16-01-2019 National Geographic
The Ancient Greeks concluded Earth was a sphere, which has been validated by scientists ever since. Despite this, there is a movement growing claiming the Earth...
5 Facts That Prove The Earth Is Flat
14:00 01-04-2018 Engineering Explained
Is The Earth Flat? Five Professionals Provide Scientific Proof 5 Ways To Prove You're A Car Guy - EE Shirts! -
Why do people still think the Earth is flat? - BBC News
12:57 15-11-2017 BBC News
The Flat Earth International Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, attracted hundreds of attendees who believe the shape of the Earth is a disc instead of a sp...
The Flat Earth Theory Explained
21:00 27-03-2018 BuzzFeed Multiplayer
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How Average People Fall For The Flat-Earth Conspiracy
15:04 08-12-2017 BuzzFeed News
This is how people become flat-eathers - and why they stick with their beliefs, despite the intense ridicule it brings.
3 proofs that debunk flat-Earth theory | NASA's Michelle Thaller
14:16 23-05-2018 Big Think
Hey flat Earthers, it's time to put your theory to bed once and for all! A curious stargazer by the name of Oscar has submitted a question to Big Think's 'Ask a...
Man launches himself in self-made rocket to prove flat Earth theory
02:12 26-03-2018 CBS News
A man launched himself in a self-made rocket 1,875 feet above the desert to try and prove his theory that the Earth is flat. Subscribe to the CBS News Channel ...
This Flat Earther Thinks NASA is Lying to You
16:00 05-08-2018 VICE
What if everything you've learnt is a lie? What if NASA and the illuminati have been pulling the wool over your eyes since birth? What if the moon is fake news?...
Is Earth Actually Flat?
19:34 04-12-2014 Vsauce
follow: LOTS OF COOL LINKS BELOW! Flat Earth gravity simulation by Yeti Dynamics: Kansas...
FLAT EARTH - David Avocado Wolfe
21:00 03-11-2017 London Real
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