Brief Look

A brief look at The Diamond DLC. [PAYDAY 2]
03:36 26-09-2016 Connor Shaw
The cursed Diamond passed down through generations of unlucky victims finally encounters the PAYDAY gang! Is the buildup to this gemstone worth it? ►SUBSCRIBE...
A brief look at The Golden Grin Casino Heist DLC. [PAYDAY 2]
00:10 13-06-2017 Connor Shaw
So you wanna rob the Golden Grin Casino? This video is stretching the definition of "brief" a bit, eh? ►SUBSCRIBE:
A brief look at The Point Break Heists DLC. [PAYDAY 2]
16:00 06-09-2017 Connor Shaw
Young, dumb and full of... anyways the Point Break remake was terrible, wasn't it? Was the crossover DLC any better? ►SUBSCRIBE:
OakTreeInAField's Spec and Brief Look at Builds
05:31 01-05-2019 OakTreeInAField
Not quite a tutorial but its a little insight for new players. I'm sure there are plenty of people making tutorials out there. Music by AShamaluev
Brief look back: First 3 years of The Hospital Construction Channel (sampler)
08:00 19-07-2017 Hospital Construction
A compilation of a few selected highlights and important milestones, looking back at the first three years of the channel. A tiny sampling of just some of iron...
A brief look at The Clover Character Pack DLC. [PAYDAY 2]
05:08 20-09-2016 Connor Shaw
Shattering the glass ceiling and joining the heist, was the Clover Character Pack worth the hype? ►SUBSCRIBE:
Why Earthbound Is Special: A Brief Look
21:00 04-06-2019 Stuff We Play
One of my all-time favourite RPGs is Earthbound for the Super Nintendo. While this game sold horribly at launch, with a marketing slogan of "This Game Stin...
20:37 12-09-2018 Christian Cudworth
In transition to my next country on the World Race. Staying at a hostel for debrief, just an informative video on what debrief is for anyone curious about the W...
A brief look at The h3h3 Character Pack DLC. [PAYDAY 2]
09:04 24-11-2017 Connor Shaw
CHANGES SINCE VIDEO RELEASE: Airbow concealment nerfed down to 5 base, Tag Team's activation range was increased to 18 meters, now adds 1.3 seconds to the timer...
A brief look at The John Wick Weapon Pack DLC. [PAYDAY 2]
01:31 21-10-2016 Connor Shaw
Woah! Wick weapons are here, this'll be ONE to remember! Or will it? ►SUBSCRIBE: ►Twitter: https://t...