Brief Look

A Brief Look at Different Vermicomposts
20:13 20-06-2012 TheCompostGuy Presents...a quick and dirty look at several different vermicomposts (aka worm castings), with discussion about some of the key...
A Brief Look into my Rhinebeck Haul (2017 version)
22:14 27-10-2017 The Yarn Hoarder Podcast
Pnuemonia has me sidelined, but I'll be back at it soon.... In the meantime, here is a look at most of the things I brought home from Rhinebeck. No words......
A (Brief) Look at the Background of Dune
16:32 14-12-2018 sfdebris
See the review at:
A Brief Look at the Stuarts
16:24 12-04-2013 tawnystar1
This video takes a peak at the reigns of the Stuart kings. Included in this video are Oliver and Richard Cromwell, who both were Lord Protectors during the time...
A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film
22:09 15-08-2014 Every Frame a Painting
Is there a better way of showing a text message in a film? How about the internet? Even though we’re well into the digital age, film is still ineffective at d...
A brief look at Waycross, Georgia.
01:42 27-02-2019 Southern Railfanning
In mid February, I ventured north into south Georgia to do some recon in hopes of discovering new areas to film. While I was scouting, I took a few sample shots...
Wolfpack - A brief look at this fascinating game from SPI - 1975
20:11 25-08-2019 Gilbert Collins
Wolfpack - A game on U-Boats versus the Allied convoy system in the North Atlantic during World War II.
A Brief Look at the Structure of the Classic JRPG Party
22:18 17-05-2017 Liam Carter
I've played a lot of damn RPG's in my time, most of them of the "J" variety. Here I lay out some of the observations regarding party structure that I'...
IC-7000 - A Brief Look
04:18 29-01-2013 KD8CHM
Visit for more videos and great deals! This video is intended to give you an idea how the radio looks and sounds. I also added a quick ...
A brief look at the Nearshore Drilling Project
17:56 06-08-2019 Staatsolie
On August 2 the third drilling started at Kankantrie. In this film first a look back at the why of the project. Hereafter, the various components of the daily o...