10 10 Omnibus

TOP 10 Favorite OMNIBUS
18:15 27-01-2019 Gem Mint Collectibles
Gem counts down his top 10 favorite omnibus of all time.
Top 10 Omnibus Whales by Gem Mint
22:26 21-10-2017 Gem Mint Collectibles
I count down my top 10 out of print omnibus whales from Marvel, DC comics, Dark Horse and more!
11:03 24-03-2017 FROST
Автобус 10 из 10 OmniBus Угарная Игрушка! ➊ Я в ВК http://vk.com/id192035364 ➋ Мои Сервера http://frostland.pro/ ➌ З...
Top 10 X-men Omnibus and Hardcovers!
16:00 10-04-2019 Near Mint Condition
Today I took the advice from our viewers and I did my Top 10 favorite X-men Omnibus/Oversized Hardcover. This was a really hard list for me to put together and...
Omnibus Comic Book Haul 10/28/17
23:22 28-10-2017 Gem Mint Collectibles
Talking about the OHC and TPBs I received from www.instocktrades.com
OMNIBUS Comic Book Haul 10/9/18
12:39 09-10-2018 Gem Mint Collectibles
Gem’s latest omnibus haul
Marvel Omnibus': New OOP Books & Ones On The Verge: June 10, 2019
23:29 10-06-2019 Omnidog's Vault
In this video, I talk about newly OOP Marvel omni's and some ones where stock is running low. The point of this video is to get you folks who are sitting on the...
Top 10 Most Anticipated Omnibus & Absolutes of 2018
13:53 24-05-2018 Gem Mint Collectibles
Gem's Top 10 books that are coming out this year.
Omnibus Comic Book Haul 11/10/17
00:23 11-11-2017 Gem Mint Collectibles
Before you even ask, it’s instocktrades.com
Blackest Night Omnibus (10th Anniversary)
05:28 10-06-2019 The Deluxe Edition
In this video, I'll be checking out one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year, the 10th Anniversary Omnibus Edition of the Blackest Night! Wher...