Water Polo Yankees Japanese Drama

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♥ Ryuji | Kirei | Torao - Water Polo Yankees ♥
22:14 03-09-2017 AngelLeijla
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. No copyright infringement intended, I do not own any of the content in this video and it is ma...
Suikyuu Yankees - St. Elmo's Fire
09:28 09-03-2015 perkin127
Because the song is awesome and cheesy and so is the drama. St. Elmo's Fire - John Parr
Suikyuu Yankees MV I Forever-Drama
17:05 09-11-2014 Yeahceliinee
Suikyu Yankees 2015 - Yuto drama
13:17 14-09-2018 nova jun
Ost. Asu e no Yell (HSJ)
Naoya x Nagisa - Childhood Friend w lyrics
01:22 29-09-2014 encode89
Presenting a simple FMV to all Naoya & Nagisa shipper from J-Drama Suikyuu Yankees! The song is so good right? Saikou no Kataomoi (The Greatest Unrequited...
BL Moments from Japanese Dramas
21:24 21-02-2015 Murasaki
This video is not made by me. All credits goes to owner, 范以末.
[JAPAN]  Tribute to Taishi Nakagawa - Child actor
06:27 12-11-2016 Francis Osuna
This video introduces u to Mr. Taishi Nakagawa, one of the hopeful upcoming stars. Taishi looks mature but he is still a kid. He and his family were shopping ar...
Yankee kun to Megane chan Ep 01
17:40 23-08-2013 Beyond
Shinagawa Daichi used to be a good student who has now become a delinquent, while class president Adachi Hana was a delinquent who is now trying to move on. Her...
yankee Ikemen ( Japanese Actors )
15:15 08-02-2019 jam chan
Collection of hottest actors in Japan who play gangster/ high school delinquent in drama and movie. Enjoy watching! Wish i have included your bias ... teehee ...