Roommate 1x9

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1x7 The roommates  realize, Meredith is McSexing...c
17:22 06-09-2015 Norah Sams
Meredith is confronted by Dr Bailey and an envious roommate about her relationship with Dr Shepherd.
Entangled with You - Ep 9 - Roommate Activity #41
19:01 02-09-2014 HardlyWorkingTV
Tweet w/ us @Entangledseries or using #EWYS2. Subscribe now! Jen and Kassie have an unexpected run-in. Alisha goes on a date with Yvonne. Jaliyah stews. Creat...
1x9 Doctors are briefed on STD
04:49 12-12-2015 Norah Sams
There's an outbreak of Syphilis at SGH and the doctors are called to a meeting. Syphilis
1x9 George has a secret...c
03:08 07-11-2015 Norah Sams
George wonder if the entire hospital knows of his condition. Again he seek his friend's help.
1x2 Search for roommates...a
19:28 18-09-2014 Norah Sams
Meredith identifies with a rape victim that has no family. She is also charged with the safe keep of the rapist severed penis until the Police arrive to pick it...
1x7 The roommates realize, Meredith is McSexing...a
17:01 06-09-2015 Norah Sams
After Meredith's sneaking around, the others discover who she is sexing.
Famous in Love | Season 1 Episode 9: Paige And Rainer Rehearse A Steamy Scene | Freeform
22:00 15-06-2017 Freeform
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1x9 George has a secret...a
02:39 07-11-2015 Norah Sams
George has a rash, and he's not sure what it is so he ask Alex for a medical opinion.
1x2 Search for roommates...b
20:52 18-09-2014 Norah Sams
At the end of the day, Meredith finds roommates in Izzie and George.
1x9 George has a secret...b
02:53 07-11-2015 Norah Sams
George has to tell his new girlfriend his medical condition.