Painted Skin Resurrection 2012

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Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection (2012)
04:26 09-07-2012 Chinese MovieTrailers
Chinese trailer Director: Wuershan Cast: Chen Kun, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, Yang Mi, Feng Shaofeng, Fei Xiang, Chen Tingjia
Painted Skin: The Resurrection - Jing & Xiao Wei - The Princess and The Demon
17:01 16-05-2014 Vlamme80
Jing, a scarred princess with a fierce heart, longing to be with the one she loves. Xiao Wei, a fox demon, running from an icy prison, longing to become human....
20:38 14-08-2012 Well Go USA Entertainment
An exclusive clip from PAINTED SKIN: THE RESURRECTION - Coming to theatres Friday, August 17. Find your location on our website:
Painted Skin II B
22:19 16-07-2013 梁媛
Painted Skin II C
22:21 16-07-2013 梁媛
Painted Skin 2 bath scene
04:57 27-02-2013 ikyouko1
the demon takes her skin
Painted Skin 2 Resurrection  (5)
01:21 22-01-2014 SigPepsi Mann
Painted Skin 2 Resurrection  (4)
00:40 22-01-2014 SigPepsi Mann
Painted Skin II -  Jane Zhang - Theme song
00:10 02-07-2012 Marili Miranda
Jane Zhang - Theme song Painted Skin 2 The Resurrection Director Wuershan Kris Phillips, Feng Shao Feng, Chen Ting Jia, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, Yang Mi, Chen Kun