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فيروز - فيروزيات الصباح - اروع اغاني ارزة لبنان The Best of Fairuz
00:42 24-08-2014 Yousif Al Najafi
باقة من اجمل ما غنت ارزة لبنان
habaytak bel saif fairuz lebanon
20:15 25-02-2008 samoh13
habaytak bel saif fairuz lebanon a trip from the mountain to the sea the best pictures ever !! die beste fotos vom libanon feiruz
Fayrouz Bahebak Ya Lebnan فيروز بحبك يا لبنان
01:21 21-12-2008 blueyoyo08alltheway
Fayrouz Bahebak Ya Lebnan فيروز بحبك يا لبنان I am not from Lebanon but I love it like I love Libya
01:04 17-05-2017 The Daily Oppa
Some eats & smokes at favorite spots in Hamra with Elias Mansour where I fell in love with a milkshake at The J's... had conversation about Fayrouz at Ka3ka...
فيروز - عبير الصباح  / Fayrouz - Relaxing Music
17:13 12-09-2014 Ali Naji
all videos footage rights back to LoungeVstudio https://www.youtube.com/user/LoungeVstudio Mixing and editing : Ali Naji Gfx : Riadh Ajab - mohamed raed
Bhebbak Ya Lebnan - Fairouz -  بحبك يا لبنان
17:17 05-08-2013 Bshara Shammas
Bhebbak Ya Lebnan - Fairouz - بحبك يا لبنان One of the best songs ever performed by the Great Fairouz (Nouhad Haddad) , the Angelic Voice of a Gre...
Fairuz: Lebanon's Voice Of Hope    فيروز   NPR 7/12/2010 by Jamie Tarabay
08:08 16-07-2010 MBF
You don't have to be Lebanese to know the voice of Nihad Haddad, better known as Fairuz — Arabic for "turquoise." The man who discovered her describ...
Fairuz...A´tini al-Nay...فيروز_-_اعطني_الناي_(HQ).mp4
22:08 08-06-2010 alqamarAynaka
Fairuz singing "give me the flute"...poem by Gibran Khalil Gibran...music by Najib Hankash... Al-Nay...the flute أعطني الناي و غن ...
Lebanese singer causes political controversy - 01 Feb 07
09:42 01-02-2008 Al Jazeera English
One of the Arab world's biggest musical stars has found herself at the centre of a political storm. Lebanese singer Fairuz performed to sell out crowds this wee...