Exploitation Film Lesbian School For Unclaimed Girls (1969)

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School for Unclaimed Girls - Madeleine Hinde
17:07 20-05-2008 EddietheArsehead
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- My favourite films, with pics and clips. The introduction of the vintage British exploitation film from 1969 The Smashing Bird I Us...
School for Unclaimed Girls (1969) trailer
19:07 12-07-2016 Life Full of Cheese
School for Unclaimed Girls (1969) trailer
School Issues - Lesbian Short Film
20:51 23-08-2016 4Clips
School Issues - Lesbian Short Film Full Scene: http://smarturl.it/0g4gqq
Sinner's Blood (1969)
15:01 23-02-2016 Vulture Sinema
Sinner's Blood is a 1969 bikersploitation film directed by Neil Douglas, starring Stephen Jacques, Nanci Sheldon, Cristy Beal and Parker Herriott. The arrival...
Fräuleins in Uniforms (aka She Devils Of The SS) 1973
23:30 02-03-2018 CultHouseCinema
German women help the war effort by having sex with Nazi soldiers and each other. Things get complicated and dangerous when the Soviet army advances looking for...
Lady Godiva Rides (1960's)
16:45 19-02-2018 Christopher Speece
Alucarda  (1978)
16:57 03-10-2017 That Horror Guy
The film takes place in a Mexican convent that houses nuns and is also an orphanage. Alucarda, a fifteen-year-old orphaned girl, has lived at the convent her en...
Dr.  Sex (Vintage Sex Exploitation Film)
14:14 28-03-2017 Retro Digital
Dr. Sex is a 1964 American film directed by Ted V. Mikels. Three sex researchers discuss their strangest cases. Please subscribe for more vintage trash!
Blood Sisters of Lesbian Sin Full Length Movie NSFW
22:38 26-08-2017 Carl Bush
Johnny is a man haunted by his past and dedicated to the destruction of the dark forces. When three beautiful demon sisters seek to control Johnny's mind, body ...