My Three Daughters

My Three Daughters

"Hi, As I have said before, my book is for men, without any negativity towards women at all. I like it to be portrayed that way, male empowerment, and tools for men, especially fathers, to navigate this post feminist world. Without realizing it, the way I have lived my life since my divorce in 1997, and my advice in the book, mirrors much of your MGTOW philosophies. Looking forward to your honest opinions!" Well Chris thanks for the donation. When I heard that you have three daughters and an ex wife I felt sorry for you. Having to deal with that much Estrogen can make John Waynes balls shrivel up into California Raisins. It takes a lot of patience and decimation to raise three daughters, Katelyn, Megan, and Jessica. In your book you say they gave your life a mission which was fatherhood. My feeling is that you left your wife because you couldn't stand living in a house filled with four females. It must have been an estrogen induced nightmare. So now getting on to the contents of your book. It's geared towards
fathers. I know that most men listening to this don't have any children but I know that some of you do so it might be valuable information for you. This field guide for fathers is made up of three different sections. Section 1: Is the Quick Action Guide covering 25 fathering topics. Section 2 is the Fathering manual for all fathers and it elaborates on the information and wisdom found in section one. Think of it as a longer version of the first section. Section 3 is supposed to deal with the differences between Foxhole Single Fathers versus still coupled fathers although I found it repeated much of section one and two as well. One of my long-term relationships with the youngest of three daughters from a divorced family where the parents split the parenting. She was only six years old when they divorced. So I can see the results of both good and bad parenting on her as well as her siblings. But in your case Chris it sounds like you raised his three daughters to be independent, driven and grounded. You say that your fathering style modelled after the military even though you were never in the military. You saw it as a disciplined mission. You obviously know that you were very lucky to get equal parenting back in 1997. That alone was a miracle in itself. I doubt many judges would let a man raise a six, five and three years old daughter on his own half the time. You bring up fathering styles and that ex I was talking about her parents were polar opposites. She had a hippie mother and busy overachieving father. After all someone has to pay the bills. He much like you was the one moving out of the marital home. How typical. He had to move into a buddies place after the divorce. As for you Chris how did you afford a new home after breaking up with the ex? You also made the decision to leave your wife for the betterment of your kids and getting custody half the time leads me to suspect that she wasn't behaving kosher.

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