World Of Tanks O I Radley Walters Medal Japanese Girl Power

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World of Tanks: O-I Radley Walters' Medal + JAPANESE GIRL POWER!
09:59 29-10-2015 Nako TV
"Hey ladies, behold, the greatest gun in World of Tanks" Winterberg, 8 kills with 176 hp and female crew. A personal record. Music: Yuki no Shingun (...
World Of Tanks O-I Exp Over Powered In Top Tiers?/Fun To Play?
15:05 14-11-2015 ExxxT The Tanker
2 Different Games in O-I Experimental Both Medals Top Gun, Radley Walters, High Caliber, Ace Tanker
type 5 op
11:58 27-07-2017 WoT Replays Machine
Type 5 Heavy ► Player: _Blendzior_ Recorded by
World of Tanks: 1 O-I vs 5 Tanks and survived with Ace Tanker
00:42 29-06-2016 oliver violet
O-I, the monster Japanese tank in all its glory!
Super F Mario
00:42 29-06-2016 oliver violet
God Mario in action
MEN Own : World of Tanks!  IS-3+Female crew UNLOCKED!
11:25 08-11-2015 Channel MEN!
MEN show you a wolf pack if Heavies, because fuck medium's; MEN go bigger and better than any medium can! Hold on to your butts as three MEN own this bitch!...
Miko Miko Kagamin 巫女みこ☆かがみん OMAKE
23:00 26-03-2017 sgdsgd fd
Miko Miko Kagamin 巫女みこ☆かがみん OMAKE. Showing completed mission log and Yokai encyclopedia.
World of Tanks PS4 STA 1 Japanese tier 8 Medium - Mastery Badge
01:17 25-04-2016 ImATank
Another Japanese tank mastered with a great game. Special thanks to Deathgun2121, NAHeymakers, Zrais, and ImDrunk30 for making this game so much fun. SHAREfac...
World of Tanks: Girls in an E100 - Ace Tanker PILSIN
07:00 26-03-2017 dgdf gs
World of Tanks: Girls in an E100 - Ace Tanker PILSIN. The BIG GUN is unleashed!