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10:51 14-09-2008 LttlDutchGirl
lyrics: Well Sometimes I Go Out, By Myself, And I Look Across The Water. And I Think Of All The Things, Of What You're Doing, And in my head I Paint A Pic...
15:17 10-11-2016 Movieclips Trailers
Get Tickets - Starring: Cara Delevingne, Ethan Hawke, an...
07:13 17-12-2009 Pablo Aguiar
Valerie Amy Winehouse DVD I Told You I Was Trouble Live in London 2007
20:50 15-04-2016 Vladish
Subscribe to this channel for more music! 💽 🙏 ➡️Follow me on IG : *UPDATE* 17 Nov 2016 ⚡️ 🔥 Vladish -...
09:14 23-12-2014 Eurobeat
Joy - Valerie from the album Greatest Hits Subscribe to eurobeat channel - Stream / Download:
16:20 15-05-2010 EFFEZ1967
Randy Jackson's China Rain - Valerine
20:00 31-10-2016 bookfangeek
HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS! Here! Have the pilot episode of my animated series! PleasepleasePLEASE share this if you liked it! The actors and directors put so much w...
20:30 02-12-2015 bookfangeek
Follow the Valerine Manor tumblr for updates, previews, and announcements! Just a little animation practice I did with an ol...
23:30 27-10-2013 Klaudia Bielska
06:36 22-09-2009 TheOnlyThaea
Valerine World PvP! slight drop in video quality since switching to teh 'tubes but now I can explain whats going through my head in real time! this partic...