Pov Tower 14

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Th13teen Front Seat on-ride HD POV Alton Towers
21:33 27-08-2011 EastCoasterGeneral
Ride in the front seat of Th13teen at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England. Watch in high definition.
POV, Engine, Tower and Utility 14 Responding.
13:44 15-01-2015 Ron Roberts
1/10/15 Firefighter pov and Third District Fire Company; Engine 14, Tower 14 and Utility 14 responding on tactical box 14-21 for a reported dwelling fire on Wi...
Wicker Man On Ride POV - Alton Towers
17:52 06-04-2018 Theme Park Worldwide
Take a ride on Wicker Man at Alton Towers, a wooden roller coaster that opened at the park in March 2018! The ride features an impressive 60ft tall burning Wick...
Soggy Dollar Bar Live Webcam - Jost Van Dyke, BVI
12:25 23-01-2018 Soggy Dollar
White Bay, Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands - Live from the Soggy Dollar Bar. Visit paradise at http://soggydollar.com ... Listen to Soggy Dollar Ra...
The Smiler POV Alton Towers World Record 14 Inversion Roller Coaster 2013
00:48 04-06-2013 Theme Park Review
Thanks to our friends Credit Dino and Pete of Capital FM for providing this video! The Smiler, as of 2013 has the most inversions of any roller coaster in the ...
The Smiler FULL POV HD - Alton Towers
17:04 14-05-2013 coasterollie
Full POV (un-flipped) of the Smiler at Alton Towers.
Hollywood Action Tower Freefall (HD POV) - Movieland Park Italy
11:00 16-04-2016 davidjellis
Hollywood Action Tower is a first generation Intamin freefall ride, and the only one operating in Europe. Some enthusiasts count these as roller coasters as the...
Lighthouse Tower on-ride HD POV Holiday Park
22:04 14-10-2014 CoasterForce
This 262 foot tall Funtime star flyer opened in 2006 as part of the park's 35th anniversary. Did you know that this is the tallest swing ride in Germany? Holida...
Insanity POV Stratosphere Hotel Las Vegas
19:00 26-11-2016 Coaster Studios
Insanity takes you out over the edge of the stratosphere hotel and spins you around, forcing you to stare at the ground over 900 feet below! The ride name is mo...
The Smiler front seat on-ride HD POV Alton Towers
15:21 02-06-2015 CoasterForce
This custom Gerstlauer Infinity coaster holds the world record for most inversions as it flips passengers upside down 14 times throughout the ride. Unfortunatel...