Pen Circle Traps Ant But How

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Pen Circle Traps Ant (But How?)
21:41 09-03-2018 Reaction Time
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Ant Gets Trapped in Pen Circle
02:04 12-01-2013 Julian Zamora
(why this have so many views.....)
How To Use A Doodle As Pest Control
15:59 09-07-2014 Storyful
Watch More Crazy Videos: Sam Flay from Bristol, UK discovered one small bug moving across a piece of paper that did not dare cross a blue line drawn by a pen. ...
Ant Trap in Pen Circle 2018
15:10 10-02-2018 Tewari Technical
you must watch๐Ÿ‘‰ LITTLE Dinosaur ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘Œ Disclaimer it is only for experimental and educational purpose and...
Pen Circle Traps Ant?
18:02 11-03-2018 Mami CrayCray
How can an ant get trapped in a pen circle? Somehow this crazy trick works and Mami CrayCray react to it. Instagram: @mamicraycray Original video - Link To V...
When Ants Meet Candy
04:37 05-06-2017 Novita Listyani
When ants meet candy, they dance, they kiss, they party like crazy, they eat like crazy, they are simply crazy. Enjoy!
The Ant Circle Test
15:44 29-05-2016 mrix
Will Drawing a Circle around an Ant stop if from leaving the circle like some kind of false barrier ? Lets See!
Reacting to Pen Circles Trap Ants (But How?)
21:50 12-03-2018 Michael's Vlogs
In this episode of Tea Time I react to ants getting trapped by circle drawn on a piece of paper! Just how does it happen? Well today we're going to figure that ...
Trapping Ants With Pens(Ant Party)
00:48 11-03-2018 Uni Frenchie
We trap ants with pens. Will we fail? Will we succeed? The awnser is ant ticipating
Keep Ants Away With Chalk
21:16 10-09-2011 rad2k7
Ants hate chalk and will almost never cross a chalk line. Useful for keeping them away from your house. Just your average crayola chalk right here.