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08:44 01-09-2014 GEARDOSHIT
Just a small teaser/trailer edit from a Russian action movie. Inspired to do by my other MIL/gear-blog called DeathBeforeCCCP! Enjoy!
09:01 05-12-2011 lepra01
August Eighth - story of an ordinary young woman. Ksenia's life is not too happy. Problem at work, problem in personal life, problem with mother, a baby requi...
05:55 14-02-2016 Toxic Fim
Russian action movie: Abn 9
17:56 09-05-2013 GEARDOSHIT
One of my favourite airsoft sites (in Austria) - a dream to play at! Enjoy!
18:35 13-10-2015 Gábor Raffai
Full movie:
10:39 10-11-2011 GEARDOSHIT
10:06 11-02-2011 GEARDOSHIT
14:49 01-02-2012 20th Century Fox Russia
Kseniya is an ordinary woman living in Moscow. After getting divorce from her husband, she is once again trying to build her personal life and find a long-await...
19:19 05-12-2012 Martin Vašička
I am back! Music is from awesome PC game Call of Duty: Black ops 2. Video ist from russian movie Avgust. vosmogo - Август. Восьмого - august eight...