Child Prostitute

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Child Trafficking Victim Interview
11:56 05-04-2015 Jorge Dió Moisés
Child trafficking is the worst and hugest kind of traffic, and have been left in second plane, it has not the glamour of the drugwar. The world powers are doing...
Cambodia: The Virginity Trade (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories
19:30 01-05-2018 Real Stories
Check out our new website for more incredible documentaries: HD and ad-free. Many Asian men believe that having sex with a virgin will br...
California liberals legalize child prostitution HD
19:42 05-01-2017 Catholic Online
California liberals legalize child prostitution By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK) 01/05/2017 CALIFORNIA NETWORK (https://www.youtu...
Alleged Underage Prostitution in Philippine
12:10 02-12-2014 ABС world news
Part 1: "Nightline" goes undercover to investigate Americans accused of selling young women for sex.
Trailer Lilet Never Happened
19:00 18-05-2010 Springfilm
The film Lilet Never Happened is a character driven story about Lilet, a maladjusted Filipino-American street-girl, who becomes Manila's most famous child prost...
Undercover bust targets pimps of underage victims
17:41 11-08-2011 CNN
Police officers in Anaheim, California, conduct an undercover sting aimed directly at underage prostitution.
Rights 4 Girls No Such Thing As a Child Prostitute
02:13 25-01-2016 Cassie Bradley
There is no such thing as a child prostitute. This video brings awareness to how children are mislabeled as prostitutes when in reality they are victims of sex...
ECPAT Air France Anti Child Prostitution PSA
00:14 24-11-2010 ecpatbelgiumvideos
Air France ECPAT video on child prostitution and sex trafficking in Latin America.
Child Prostitution legal in California?
20:20 30-12-2016 Jose Travieso Disciple of Yeshua
Please Share and Subscribe!! God Bless!! Bless You All - N...
Crystal Meth Homeless Children Street Kids Teens Child Prostitution
01:30 08-02-2007 guywarder
BENEATH THE CRACKS Homeless children speak up about heavy social issues confronting them on a daily basis. Gives the viewer a glimpse of what is really going on...