Caillou Cancels Dora Friends Ungrounded

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Caillou cancels Dora & Friends/Ungrounded
20:26 09-03-2016 ElPatron036 The GoAnimator
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Caillou kills Dora/ungrounded
13:16 19-06-2017 Boris Simulator ///NiceBorisYesRedBorisNo///
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caillou kills dora and get ungrounded
14:47 15-11-2015 Greenman 3000
Classic Dora kills Modern Dora and gets ungrounded
20:15 07-05-2016 HangoutYoshiGuy 88
Caillou Breaks up with Dora/Ungrounded
16:45 03-08-2017 SouthParkYouTuber45
This video was requested by Nicholas Caldwell.
Dora Finds Out that Dora and Friends: Into the City is Cancelled
08:40 18-05-2016 Doodle Bob
Inspired by: African Vulture, Brendan Barney and Alan The Thomas Fan Rules NO credit to Dora Fans Credit to TheJoJuan4444, Brendan Barney and Dora Haters Music...
How Dora and Friends: Into the City got Cancelled
05:50 10-08-2016 Doodle Bob
This is Sequel of Alan the Video Maker's How Dora The Explorer got Cancelled, NO credit to Dora Fans and FourAwsome...
Dora Cancels Steven Universe And Gets Grounded
14:18 22-07-2016 Stephanie Vacow
I hope Dora dies
Stephanie Finds Out That DTE Is Cancelled/Grounded
19:45 11-08-2014 Brendan Barney
DTE = Dora The Explorer Credit To Everyone! Especially MumaxFahm for the Stephanie Characters - created at
Caillou makes a fun out of Dora and gets ungrounded
15:53 13-02-2016 CaillouFTW TheSimpsonsFTL EDCP AUTTP AVGCP