Twilight Zone Movie

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Twilight Zone: The Movie Re-Serlinged
13:49 07-10-2018 jarrod cegielski
Twilight Zone: The Move Re-Serlinged 1983. 1h. 41m. Comedy. Fantasy. Horror. Twilight Zone: The Movie is a better movie when viewed in black and white. Twi...
Twilight Zone - Time Out
13:01 18-11-2018 istories 4050
Segment one (Time out) from the "Twilight Zone" movie [1983]. A racist (Bill Connor) drinks a lot in a bar with his friends and when he walks outside,...
Anthony from the Twilight Zone Movie
07:57 10-10-2018 TheGrue Slayer
Well... I enjoy it. Anthony and his family... For your viewing pleasure.
Helicopter Crash on the Set of Twilight Zone The Movie
16:44 29-03-2015 Horror Stories
Information and footage on the accident that took the lives of Vic Morrow and 2 children. Music - Seventh Seal by Kevin Macleod at
Twilight Zone The Movie - A Face In The Window [1080p] [5.1]
09:11 05-05-2013 Justin Szczap
From the "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet" segment. This scene scared the heck out of me when I first saw it.
Twilight Zone
02:04 10-02-2008 tribulation138
Upset Bill (Vic Morrow) at the bar with friends. Didn't get his job promotion..
Twilight Zone: The Movie
18:22 26-06-2011 Twilight Zone: The Movie
Four short horrorific tales are anthologized in this film as a tributeto rod serling and his popular tv series. MPAA Rating: PG (c) 1983 Warner Bros. All Righ...
Twilight Zone: The Movie - Scary Scene
01:40 29-12-2013 harryhgossamer313
The scary scene from "Twilight Zone: The Movie"
Twitlight Zone - Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
11:10 26-08-2018 Kevin Perelman
A Classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talking Tina is NEXT! :)
Сумеречная зона (1983)Twilight Zone: The Movie.
17:00 20-11-2018 Жендос ТВ