Painted Skin Resurrection 2012

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Painted Skin 2 bath scene
04:57 27-02-2013 ikyouko1
the demon takes her skin
Painted Skin 2 Resurrection 1
23:19 21-01-2014 SigPepsi Mann
Painted Skin II -  Jane Zhang - Theme song
00:10 02-07-2012 Marili Miranda
Jane Zhang - Theme song Painted Skin 2 The Resurrection Director Wuershan Kris Phillips, Feng Shao Feng, Chen Ting Jia, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, Yang Mi, Chen Kun
Painted Skin 2 Resurrection  (2)
23:48 21-01-2014 SigPepsi Mann
Painted Skin II: Resurrection • Infinite Legends [for Jackuine]
19:32 29-05-2012 ErmitrudeFay
I'm just waiting for this movie for long time, and I'm sick about it :). So I made little music video with one of most favourite track from Two Steps From Hell....
Painted Skin Resurrection-Official trailer 2
21:53 25-11-2012 Mac Hevere
An ancient fox spirit embarks on a diabolical quest to become human after escaping an icy prison, and becomes bound to a disfigured princess who seeks the love ...
Painted Skin 2 Resurrection  (6)
01:40 22-01-2014 SigPepsi Mann
Painted Skin II C
22:21 16-07-2013 梁媛