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Making of Ratsasan - Villain Christopher face finally revealed | Vishnu Vishal
11:30 31-10-2018 Wetalkiess
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How To Make A Great Villain
15:16 02-10-2016 The Closer Look
In this video I analyse the Joker in the Dark Knight and answer the question why is he the best villain of all time. Please Like and Subscribe for more videos ...
GREAT GM: Creating the Ultimate Villain NPC for your RPG session - game master tips
18:58 13-04-2016 How to be a Great Game Master
Today we are looking at creating villains, henchmen and ultimately an amazing nemesis for your role playing party to attempt to foil. Some resources for great ...
Villain Design (GM Tips with Satine Phoenix)
15:00 08-06-2017 Geek & Sundry
Every story needs conflict to satisfy basic player needs. One of the ways is to introduce villains, whether they're a school bully or a dictator. Satine Phoenix...
Yakuza's Villain Is One Of Gaming's Best
14:53 15-09-2017 Kotaku
Making a great villain is a challenge but Yakuza has one of the best around. Heather Alexandra takes a look in this critical video. [Caution: There will be spoi...
Making a Villain - Yakuza 0
03:44 09-07-2017 Oni
Please Read Me!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First off let me apologise for being a little awkward and breathy on the mic - I'm super not used...
Making a Weak Villain Feel Overpowered - Slade from Teen Titans (OG not GO)
22:55 19-08-2018 Nux Taku
One of my favorite villains outside of anime, and he's criminally underrated, but cuz of resurging hype from Teen Titans GO to the movies and a possible OG Teen...
Making of Ek Villain
09:42 01-07-2014 BalajiMotionPictures
Watch the cast and crew talk about what went behind the making of Ek Villain!
What Makes a Villain Feel Real?
15:00 03-12-2016 Super Eyepatch Wolf
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Pain & Suffering Behind My Makeup : Ratsasan Villain Saravanan Interview | Yasar, Christopher.
06:11 03-11-2018 IndiaGlitz Tamil Movies | Interviews | Shooting Spot | Review | Gossip
Ratsasan film is running successfully with positive reviews from all over. The team revealed the face of the film’s villain during the success meet of the fil...