Gran Torino Movie

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Gran Torino (clip5 -part 1) - "Get off my lawn!"
04:58 23-01-2014 Bruce Huang
SPOILERS below: ============ Beating up girl or elderly man is not cool, not even Mr. Kowalski can stand it. Speaking from experience, he is not buffing. The...
Grand Torino - Best Scene
09:02 26-12-2008 Blondie666111
Best scene from the 2008 film Grand Torino.
Gran Torino - Drive-By Scene (1080p)
20:09 21-07-2017 Cobra Supreme
A group of Hmong gang members rape and assaults Thao's sister, then shoots up his home in retaliation of Walter's attack on one of the gang members. All rights ...
Gran Torino (2008) Official Trailer - Clint Eastwood, Bee Vang Drama Movie HD
06:36 16-07-2014 Movieclips Classic Trailers
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Gran Torino (clip 9)- "It's a cultural thing"
07:13 22-01-2014 Bruce Huang
SPOILERS below: ============ 0:00 "might as well drink with strangers" "We only eat cats"~ 1:09 "what am I doing wrong?" 1:34...
Gran Torino - Final scene
21:11 24-01-2009 GirlPlayXSoCal
If you have already seen this movie, you'll know what this ending scene is all about. If not, and you're interested in seeing it soon, then don't watch, I don't...
Gran Torino End *Original*
22:07 09-04-2009 o0jala0o
【SPOILER】Gran Torino -(clip 6 -part 2) "Where the hell is Humong, I mean Hmong, anyway?"
07:15 22-01-2014 Bruce Huang
Check out part 1 if you haven't: =========== SPOILERS below: A little history trivia of the immigrants of Hmong. The Vietnam thin...
Gran Torino (clip 10) -"I got the best woman that was ever on this planet to marry me"
07:13 22-01-2014 Bruce Huang
SPOILERS below: ========== 0:00 "To mingle" Thao...toad... that's catchy~ 0:28 "I fix thing" the last two about prescription and door is...
Gran Torino Ending
02:10 22-07-2009 sandiegoboy85
The final scene of Gran Torino in High Definition